Magical Realism. Orthodontic Congress

May 19, 20 - 2023
Place: Hotel NH Madrid Ventas C. Biarritz, 2, 28028 Madrid.
Day 1: 05/19/2023
08:00 – 09:00
08:00 – 09:00
Registration of attendees
09:00 – 09:15
09:00 – 09:15
Presentation by Dr. Patricia Vergara. Congress organizer
09:15– 10:45
09:15– 10:45
Dr. Angela Domínguez
- Dentist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Bogota Colombia.
- Orthodontist of the C.I.E.O. Foundation. Bogota Colombia.
- Professor of Clinical and Movement Biology in the Unicoc-Cali Orthodontics Postgraduate Mastership “Lasers in Dentistry” Aachen University, Germany.
- Master in Education mediated by information technology and communications. ICESI University, Cali, Colombia.

From theory to clinical efficiency in photobiomodulation of tooth movement.

How we can take advantage of photobiomodulation in orthodontic treatments, not only to speed them up, but also to control dental and orofacial pain. They will have the necessary information to apply the results of more than 30 own publications on the subject, in their clinical practices.
10:45 – 11:15
10:45 – 11:15
Coffee (included with the ticket)
11:15 – 12:45
11:15 – 12:45
Dr. Elsa Arango
- Assistant Professor of Orthodontics Postgraduate at UniCIEO Bogota, Colombia
- Visiting professor of orthodontics postgraduate course at CTOR New Jersey, USA
- Biomechanics in Orthodontics from the International Orthodontic School & Sevices
- Scientific advisor on early treatment for Ortho Tain, USA
- Scientific advisor on mini-implants for Bio Ray biotech corporation – Taiwan
- Author of the book Anatomy and biomechanics focused on skeletal anchorages in orthodontics
- Postgraduate Orthodontics. Militar University of New Granada. Bogota Colombia

Biomechanics and placement of mini-implants from digital 3D anatomical analysis.

The anatomical differences between individuals mean that we must individually plan placement and biomechanics, adapting to the particular situation of each patient.

Dr. Leticia Galeano
Specialties: Orthodontics

- Dra in Dentistry National University of Asuncion Paraguay 2004
- Diploma in Pediatric Dentistry, National University of Asunción 2005
- Diploma in Functional Orthopedics of the Maxillary COP 2007
- Specialist in Corrective Orthodontics UNASUR 2011
- Passive Self-Ligating Master Course. Dr Tom Pitts USA 2015/2017
- Training in Advanced mechanics with mini implants Dra Patricia Vergara and in orthodontics Cranio Mandibular school of Viesid
- Postgraduate teacher in Dental Skill Trainner, CM odonto and EPO
- Speaker and Paraguayan ambassador of the brand of aligners Keepsmiling
- Exclusive practice of orthodontics, National and International dictator
- Member of the board of directors of the Paraguayan Society of Orthodontics
- Course Basic Curriculum Viesid Brasil

Biomechanical effects of mass distalizations.

Development of the effects and consequences that are not told when we decide to perform mass distalizations anchored in mini extra-radicular implants . Demonstration of each of these points and the alternatives to nullify or minimize these effects in cases where they are unwanted or in cases where it is favorable to enhance them. We must look beyond the simple fact of a dental distalization, evaluate and treat the patient in a complete way with joint and muscles, taking into account the entire system.
14:15– 15:45
14:15– 15:45


15:45 - 17:15
15:45 - 17:15
Dr. Carol Weinstein
▪ Dental Surgeon University of Chile 1997
▪ Orthodontist University of Pennsylvania 2001
▪ Roth-Sapunar CCO 2001-2003
▪ 20 years of experience in functional orthodontics Roth Williams
▪ Craniofacial System and ATM Diploma (Rocabado) 2007
▪ Active Member of the Orthodontic Society of Chile
▪ World Federation of Orthodontics
▪ American Board eligible member
▪ Former Postgraduate Professor of Orthodontics, Universidad Andrés Bello Viña del Mar, Chile
▪ Lecturer at national and international conferences and courses
▪ Featured courses: Detail and Completion, Update Orthodontics, Ortho-Perio
▪ National and international publications
▪ Invisalign Certification
▪ Private Practice
Secrets of detailing and finishing with 2023 technology: the greatest challenge in orthodontics!

The last 5 to 10 years have probably been the period of greatest change since the beginning of the development of our specialty. In this context we will talk about the most difficult stage of orthodontic treatment: detail and completion. As always we will share concepts of mechanics and tips that help in that final moment of our treatments. We will incorporate the help of new digital technologies that help visualize this process. We will analyze the elimination of mandibular accommodation with help tools such as occlusal adjustment. We will see the fine management of dental size discrepancies that make coupling difficult. All visualized with photographic follow-up session by session and of course sharing successes and failures.
Dra. Vicky Charris
Specialties: Orthodontics

- Dentist - Orthodontist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá-Colombia
- Invisalign Doctor 2013
- Top Doctor Diamond Colombia
- Certified Invisalign Speaker
- VieSID Curriculum 2017 (WC-17) Gnathology and Occlusion in Interdisciplinary Dentistry
- Training in Miniscrews
- Master in Damon System-Insignia
- Training in orthodontics for the management of maxillofacial trauma and dento-maxillofacial anomalies Hospital Militar Central, Bogotá-Colombia
- Postgraduate Professor of Orthodontics University of Cartagena of the Dental Aligners module
- Private practice Bogotá and Cartagena - Colombia

Dental Aligners: a tool handled with craniomandibular concepts.

Dental Aligners are only part of a treatment gear where the application of biological and functional concepts prevails. We will see how to introduce the management of these concepts when treating our patients with this tool, what would be the sequence of treatment and the participation of technology in the process.
18:45 - 20:15
18:45 - 20:15
Dr. Andrea Bono
- Dentist, Faculty of Dentistry of the National University of La Plata, 1992
- Specialist in Orthodontics Faculty of Dentistry of the National University of La Plata, 1999
- Specialist in the Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunctions. Catholic University of Salta. Sub-headquarters Buenos Aires, February, 2007
- Diploma Specialist in Orthodontics granted by the Argentine Court of Evaluation in Orthodontics and Dentomaxillary Orthopedics of the Argentine Society of Orthodontics, 2010.
- Doctor of Dentistry from the National University of La Plata. Faculty of Dentistry. Place of work Rheumatology Service of the Hospital Interzonal de Agudos, General San Martín. Topic "Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Temporomandibular Joint". (FOLP-UNLP) 2009
- Director of the Master in Orthodontics of the Faculty of Dentistry of the National University of Buenos Aires

TMJ realism, without embellishments, exaggerations or nuances.

Presentation of the importance of TMJ in the initial diagnosis of orthodontic treatment; how to manage TMJ pathologies and in the second phase how to treat the case, either with fixed orthodontics or with aligners.

Day 2: 05/20/2023

09:00 - 11:00
09:00 - 11:00
Dra. Alejandra Londoño
- Master: Prosthodontics. Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
- Visiting researcher: Department of occlusion and function. Kanagawa Dental University, Yokosuka, Japan
- Postgraduate: Orthodontics in patients with craniomandibular dysfunction. Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry, Vienna, Austria
- Postgraduate: Function and dysfunction of the masticatory organ. Danube University, Krems, Austria
- Postgraduate: Orthodontics. Military University. CIEO Foundation. Bogota Colombia
- Undergraduate: Dentistry. Autonomous University of Manizales, Manizales, Colombia
O GO®️! Guided orthodontics with temporary overlays.

About 33% of the population has at least one symptom of Temporomandibular Dysfunction. In view of this, the main goal of orthodontic treatment should include very careful repositioning of the mandible. In this way we can treat skeletal malocclusion and TMJ dysfunction at the same time. The objective of this presentation is to provide useful and very clear information on how and when to use overlays or stops to achieve this replacement in both children and adults.
11:00 – 11:30
11:00 – 11:30
Coffee (included with the ticket)
Dr. Daniela Storino
• Orthodontics and Facial Orhtopedics Specialist.
• Member of the orthodontic society in Brazil, member of the World Orthodontics Federation.
• Graduated as a dentist in 1995 at the the prestigious School of Dentistry of Piracicaba - UNICAMP, which is acknowledged as one of the best in Brazil and renowned for its excellence at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Latin America.
• Went on to post graduate in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Sao Paulo - FOUSP / FUNDECTO.
• Have been in private orthodontic practice since 2000, as well as being a course coordinator, instructor, and clinical professor for a mini-residency program in UPS as well as other Universities, including in other countries.
• After some 10 years in practice, she decided that she wished to treat her son (a braquifacial skeletal Cl III without a face mask) as well as raise the level of excellence of her treatment and enrolled in various programs around the world in this pursuit. This journey led her to the courses in the USA, Taiwan, Korea, Germany, Colombia as well as the ones conducted by Professors Sadao Sato, Japan, and Rudolf Slavicek, Vienna, both giants in their respective disciplines.
• She has lectured extensively all over the world, in private venues, International Orthodontic Meetings as well as at the prestigious Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (VieSID), Vienna School of Medicine, where she is an instructor.
• In her private practice in Brazil she has become renowned for treating the most difficult of malocclusions and disorders of the Craniomandibular system and is testimony to the dictum that we should be practising as Physicians of Occlusal Medicine of the Craniomandibular System.
• She is proficient in GEAW (Gummetal edgewise archwire) technique which enable her to treat very complex malocclusions, many of which, most would have believed would have required surgery, as well as extra-alveolar TADs and MOPS (micro-osteoperforation) for bone remodeling and modeling.
TMJs: Key Pieces in Balance Systems – The Power of Occlusion.

The body has long been treated separately. It's all connected, so the balance systems are a foundation where we take a neurological testing system and tie together all the different ways the body is going to function dysfunctionally, linking them together, first finding the pathological or dysfunctional areas that need to be addressed. When the root cause of these dysfunctions is addressed, most other problems will go away without even having to be treated, because they are just compensations. Treating trade-offs is detrimental to future health, and not recognizing trade-offs is detrimental to the growth of children and our treatments. Therefore, by treating the root causes, the body can actually evolve its health systems and when it comes back into balance, it will heal itself through self-regulation, without outside intervention. The TMJs are responsible for almost 1/4 of the proprioception of the entire body, directly affecting the individual's spatial perception and ability to balance, locomotion, as well as growth and respiration.
13:30 - 15:00
13:30 - 15:00
Lunch at the restaurant of the NH Ventas hotel with the conference speakers. Cocktail format. Not included in the price and optional.
15:00 - 17:00
15:00 - 17:00
Dr. Patricia Vergara
Specialties: Orthodontics

- Studies at the University of Kanagawa, Japan, MEAW Technique.
- Studies at the Specialized Center in Orthodontics in Presidente Prudente-Brasil.
- MBT training, in San Diego California. Dr. Richard Mc. Laughlin.
- Mini-implants course, Atla-USA, Dr. Pablo Echarri.
- Vector TAS training, Dr. Bob Smith, Phoneix-Arizona.
- International lecturer: Permanent course of mini-implants University of Cartagena, Theoretical-Practical-Clinical.
- Member of the Society of Orthodontists S.C.O. ASOCIEO Member.
- High training in biomechanics with infrazygomatic mini-implants and the Mandibular Self for Class II and III patients, Hsinchu, Taiwan with Dr. Cris Chang, June 2012.
- Guest speaker at PCOS 2014, Anaheim-California.
Orthodontics Beyond Limits, Based on Clinical Experience.

It is an advanced training in orthodontics that aims to show the orthodontist a new way of working according to the evolution of technology, new mechanics with skeletal anchorage to improve diagnosis, treatment plans and, ultimately, the daily routine of the orthodontist in the clinic. In the last decade, orthodontics has experienced the development of new work concepts, based on technological advances that are being incorporated into daily clinical practice. The arrival of self-ligating brackets, absolute anchorage with micro-implants, or the new ways of working with retained teeth, mandibular lateral deviations, Dento-Skeletal discrepancies, sometimes Dento-Facial discrepancies, offer today an alternative to the most advanced treatments. conservative and traditional

Space for questions with all the speakers
Closing show of the congress
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459 EUR
690 EUR
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